30 Jan 2013

Season 3 ranked changes

My current ranked stats.

As you may know ladies and gentlemen, the ranked matchmaking system is about to undergo a huge overhaul. And yes, it's actually mostly for the better. I've been trying to find a reference to quote with the specific changes, but I can't seem to find one sadly. Essentially, elo is going out the window. Instead, a ladder system is being put into place. Each division will be divided into Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Platinum. The key change here is that when you move up a bracket; then you cannot move back down.

I've played a lot of normals.

Lots of people I know are excited about this new change, as am I. However, since you can only move up or down within your bracket- instead of dropping down from Gold to Silver, for example; I think that might make it a little too easy for some bad players to climb to the higher ranks with a lot of luck. I mean, what if a horrible player gets carried by his teammates all the way up to platinum, and then becomes a liability for every team thereafter? Besides that little concern however, I think this is a welcome change to ranked that's been much needed for some time now.

Take a look at this handy image if you're still curious about the changes, it's very enlightening:

Middle mouse button or shift click if you can't read it.

I also like to think this new system will bring Riot one step closer to becoming a real E-sport. It will certainly make solo queue less frustrating. Hopefully people will stop raving on about elo hell too. What do you all think? Post a comment and let us know!

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