24 Aug 2011

New League of Legends comics

It's been a while since I posted any League comics, or posted at all! But I have brought some pretty epic ones for your pleasure today! I thought a couple of them were hilarious. I've been saving pictures for a while now, so you should find a couple to make you laugh.

Sadly, I haven't managed to locate any Talon ones yet - I'm sure there will be some soon. Deal with it!

16 Aug 2011

Riot more than contends with DotA 2 by upping the stakes

So everyone was a little flabbergasted by Valve when they announced DotA 2 would be hosting a one million dollar tournament during beta. We all heard a lot of propaganda that said LoL would be killed by the newest moba on the scene. We all also know that the $1 million is merely a means to challenge Riot and their throne on the freemium market (free to play).

So when Riot announced their ridiculous prize pool of $5 million for season 2, anyone with a brain can figure out it's a direct tit for tat exchange between the two companies. In other words, it's heating up folks!

13 Aug 2011

Byakuya's friendly guide to common etiquette on LoL

If someone linked or directed you to this post, it's for a reason. You need to learn some manners in League of Legends, you tosser. If you want to look at the nice images that accompany this guide, you don't deserve them so stop looking and read.

There is at least one troll in every game of League of Legends, that is a fact. If you try to dispute that, then clearly you are said troll and should either read the guide or get the fuck off this blog. Anyway, most of the time a troll/argumentative douchebag wants to win the game, but doesn't have the means to achieve the victory - which is where flaming the rest of the team comes in, because we all know that helps.

5 Aug 2011

I'm upset with Riot games today.

Does anyone else think the trailer looks rushed? Not only that, this dominion mode is NOT what I was looking for in the game. It just looks lacklustre and pathetic. I mean what's even going on there?

I guess we'll see when it finally comes out, but I won't be trying the dominion mode until I hear about it from someone else.

2 Aug 2011

HoN going free to play

So S2 games have recently announced they are making Heroes of Newerth free to play. My first musing on this was the fact that all the people who have paid for HoN previously have now been royally screwed over. Unlucky guys. Anyone with a brain can see that this change is because of the success of League of Legends.

Plenty of games have recently taken up the f2p chalice, including popular Team Fortress 2. Hopefully this will pave the way to a new era of gaming; where the high production value games are fun and free.

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