2 May 2011

Refusing to give up

I've recently been playing games with a friend who refuses to surrender, regardless of how badly we're losing. Usually, I commend this kind of attitude, because during most losses you still have that window to initiate a perfect teamfight; which will decimate the enemy.

However, I get really annoyed when we're 10 - 0 down 20 minutes in, and everybody still thinks they can win. For god's sake, you've had 20 minutes to fail repeatedly, and if you haven't had even one kill, then it's time to pack up and fuck off to another game.

Does anyone else have to put up with this crap? Cause when you got a team of bads against a co-ordinated team, it sucks out the fun of the game and leaves you putting up with 50 minutes of getting owned repeatedly, just because some retard thinks his 4 - 3 is a pro score and doesn't want to give up.

Also, I learnt an awesome new insult for LoL players, tryhard. Figure it out yourselves, scrubbers =D

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