28 Jun 2011

The ten best pubstomping champions in League of Legends and how to counter them

I have compiled a list of what I believe to be the best pubstomping characters for solo playing League of Legends in 2011. What I mean by pubstomp is the champions that are easiest to obtain multiple kills on with less skill and effort than the enemy team. You have little justification to pick the characters on this list, unless you're a tryhard =3

Please bear in mind, this list is for normal games only. This has nothing to do with ranked or elo, just stomping in a casual match. By no means will any of these characters have the same effect in a ranked game.

This list is now outdated, it was accurate during 2011.

I have also provided some general tips on how to play against and counter these overpowered champions, since it's likely you'll encounter at least one on this list every couple of games. Bear in mind, this advice might not be too useful, they are the most overpowered after all.

I had trouble choosing the top 5, so it's open to interpretation. But in my experience all of the characters in this list deserve to be here.

Honourable mentions:
There are a few other noteworthy characters who might of gotten into the charts, such as Annie, Evelynn, Akali, Rumble, and Master Yi. After careful deliberation and recent patch notes, I made my decisions. Most of them didn't make the list because they can be a little more tricky to play, which means they aren't faceroll.
Top ten overpowered Champions and how to counter them

10. Mordekaiser
Why he's overpowered: Morde is classed mostly as a soak, but he can also put out an incredible amount of damage. Lane control is quite often granted to those of Mordekaiser status, because of his big bad shield. While he isn't really considered viable in ranked, it's not uncommon to see this guy fending off hordes of scrubs and carrying in normal games.
How to counter him: 
  • In the laning phase try to auto-attack his shield down when you get a good opportunity. Use your abilities to damage him when his shield is low, to work on his health.
  • He doesn't use mana, so the only way to stop him is to kill him or deny/harass him. If you can prevent him reaching creeps he won't be able to charge his shield, making him very vulnerable.
  • Mordekaiser has a long range on his ultimate, and it does a fair bit of damage. If he has ignite it will really do a number on you, so beware.
  • In the early team fights it is vital you kill higher priority weaker targets before taking him down, since he can be quite difficult to kill. Use your best judgement.
9. Malzahar
What makes him overpowered: Malzahar is one annoying bastard. He is granted rank nine on the list purely because of his ultimate, which is a guaranteed kill on practically anyone. The rest of his abilities are surprisingly lacklustre, but they compliment his stupidly OP stun. A good malz in mid will get first blood at level 6 most of the time, since there are almost no characters in the game that can stand up to his Stun+DoT+AoE combo.
How to counter him:
  • When facing Malzahar in the lane, you can win fairly easily with your lanemate by double teaming him.
  • If you're fighting Malzahar in mid, stay out of his range when he hits level 6. If you can harass him without being ultied, try to send him away. If not, call for a gank or ignore him and farm away. 
  • A little magic resist like Banshee's veil or Force of nature will make him target someone else or make you laugh as you shrug off his pathetic combo.
  • I thought it would be straightforward, but avoid his silence and AoE like the plague. You gotta be stupid to stand in the purple voidy stuff anyways. His pet shouldn't be too much of a problem. 
  • If you can exhaust him before he ults, it will do no damage. Edit: Someone kindly pointed out his ult is a suppression, so even if you have cleanse, sadly you're still fucked.
8. Xin Zhao
Why he's overpowered:  Although some recent changes have somewhat nerfed Xin, he still remains one of the best Champions to win your lane. With an awesome gap closer and faceroll knockup, enemies will be eating your spear as you carry your team to victory.
How to deal with him:
  • Xin's passive allows him to regenerate health when attacking, so don't let him get near creeps if you have harassed him.
  • Once you learn the range he can leap on you from, take advantage of this knowledge and kite him.
  • Stay near towers because getting surprised by Xin isn't pleasant.
  • Don't bunch up in team fights, spread out a little so Xin can't hit multiple targets with his ultimate.
7. Swain
Why he's faceroll: If you haven't laned against Swain, you can count yourself lucky. This guy is one of the most rageworthy champs in the game. His AoE snare deals substantial damage, and combined with the DoT Swain is capable of killing weaker players early game. He trades that all in at level 6 for the godmode hat of douchery, since his ultimate heals him incredibly quickly. Those idiots who have trouble controlling the toggle on Swains crows and can't land a stun still get kills, which is why he is rank 7 on the list.
How to kick his ass:
  • Before you get boots, it's difficult to avoid his snare, so make it hard for him to land it on you. When you have boots, you can screw around with him by moving unpredictably. 
  • A lot of his damage is DoT
  • His ultimate gives him a ridiculous amount of health per tick, it can require a team effort to take him down, or an ignite. Try to burn his mana if you can't finish the kill.
  • Swain is almost defenseless against heavy DPS carries, he moves slowly and they can slaughter him mid to late game.
    6.  Irelia
    Why she's rollface: With a gap closer that resets every last hit, farming on Irelia can be like a creep hoover. Hiten style allows for a little lifesteal to help in the lane and some true damage for good measure. Her ultimate is amazing at shooting down runners, and she is surprisingly tanky. Due to some comments, I have replaced Yi with Irelia, since it seems like a logical trade.
    How to subdue her:
    • As usual, the best way to shut down a carry like Irelia is to deny her farm and experience.
    • Don't waste time using stuns and silences on her in a teamfight, just burst her down.
    • She is an excellent 1v1 champion, don't approach her unless you know you can win.
    • Irelia can shoot several missiles for a lot of damage. They can be quite easily avoided if you strafe.
    5.  Jax
    Why he's overpowered: Jax is a whore. You can jump him with 2 people, get him to 10% health, then he'll one shot the both of you and take your tower. His burst is so ridiculous he can eat tanks in seconds, and weaker targets just dissapear. Fear the Jax, fear him.
    He isn't the most mobile of characters, but that's more than made up for by his damage.
    How to counter him:
    • To stand up to Jax toe to toe you need to be fairly tanky. He can be bursted down, but beware he can easily take a squishier character down with him. 
    • I know I've mentioned Exhaust a lot, but it is a very useful spell to shut down annoying pubstomping champions. Yes, it works wonderfully on Jax.
    • Before level 6 he is very weak, and with a little co-ordination you and your lanemate can harass him out of the lane several times.
    • Don't leave him to cruise around destroying your team, focus on shutting him down.
    4. Tryndamere
    Why he melts face: Everyone knows the Tryndaking. His 'R' is arguably the best ultimate in the game, 5 seconds of wtf he can't die. I've seen people play tank on Tryndabling and still get a godly score while carrying the team. Up until level 6 he's nothing special, but after that a good player can't really die on him if cautious. What makes him rank four on the top overpowered list however, is not his ultimate. When Tryndamere gets on you, slows your ass, then start critting you like Batman you know it's all over.
    How to combat him:
    • He always has his ultimate up, trust me. 
    • Ignite him before his ulti wears off, it will usually finish him.
    • Be wary of tower dives, Tryndamere can and will do it at level 6. If you can kite him around the turret, it could backfire on him.
    • Don't waste time nuking him while his ulti is up, focus other targets instead.
    • If you face him when he casts his slow, it will reduce your attack damage but you won't be slowed. If you can abuse this, it makes it much easier to kite him.
    3. Nunu

    Why he's wtfOP: With unstoppable lane staying power and a hard hitting slow, Nunu earnt his place as rank 3 in the overpowered chart. In a normal game his ultimate turns the tide of team fights, and is easy to place. At max rank Nunu's snowball and speed increase is awesome for setting up ganks and teamfights. There's nothing to aim, it's near impossible to die if you're playing cautious, and you can harass/kill most champions in the lane.
    How to beat him down:
    • If you're quick, you can escape his ultimate before it's fully charged. Flash is excellent for this.
    • Eating creeps restores a massive chunk of Nunus health, if you can force him back, you can keep him on the defensive.
    • Beware if Nunu is missing, he is very fast and his snowball makes it very hard to escape.
    • Silence or stun his ultimate, it will do no damage if you interrupt it early.
    • In a teamfight focus his allies first. Besides his ult, Nunu has little utility in a 5v5 situation.

    2. Udyr
    Why he's godly: With a slight buff recently, Udyr is now terrifying. If you find yourself fed on this guy, you've pretty much won. Towers, Nexus, Players, or Baron, it's all dead if it tries to face the stance shifting bear man.What surprises me, is how underplayed this guy is. His turtle stance has something like a 2 second cooldown, which makes him a good soak, practically as good as Mordekaiser. Tiger stance is where it's at, it places a powerful DoT on everything, including towers. I think a lot of people just don't know how to play him, but you'll want to when you see an Udyr go 10-0 in 3v3.
    How to fight him:
    • If he's jungling, put some wards up and gank him early game.
    • Don't waste time trying to harass him in the lane, he can heal and shield himself. Either attack his lanemate or burst him down.
    • Udyr is incredibly vulnerable to kiting. It is the best way to survive his burst. Flash is also excellent.
    • Seize control of the game early on and don't allow it to get to late game. A fully built Udyr is a wrecking ball.
    1. Katarina
    Katarina statistics on Lolbase are better than any other champion
     Why she's an overpowered bitch: Now we're down to the rank 1, I can really start complaining. Katarina takes no skill at all, yet kills fall into your lap faster than a drunk ugly chick at a party. Her ultimate is spin to win kill everything nearby except tanks, and to top it all off, she can teleport directly onto enemies for optimal spinnage. All of Kats abilities reset cooldown upon killing an enemy, so the more you faceroll the more you can faceroll wut? Seriously, if you can't succeed on Kat you really need some practice, kills are easy pickings. If you want to learn more about her, take a look here.
    How to not get killed by her:
    • Her ultimate cooldown is supershort, so have a disable ready every time you encounter her.
    • Early game her damage output isn't very good, and she can't farm very well. Capitalize on this by denying her experience and gold.
    • Don't let her farm throughout the game and she won't be a threat.
    • Exhaust stops her ult killing your entire team. 
    • She can use shunpo to escape easily, try to see which creep/champion she is going to teleport to before she does it.
    • Don't risk standing in the ultimate, unless you're a tank.

    That's it for my list of faceroll Champions, if you enjoyed it or disagree with any of the above, please comment!

    If you want some hilarious League of Legends comics to kill time, here's a link.

    Edit: Thanks to a comment from a viewer, I have changed the eighth rank from Shaco to Xin Zhao. He made a fair point, since Shaco isn't particularly easy to play.

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