8 Jun 2011


I don't think my recent content has been fulfilling enough in terms of length. Slowly but surely, the quality of my blogging is increasing. The most practical way I can think to further that goal is by creating a MEGAPOST.

What is a megapost I hear you ask? It's one of these beautiful little buggers, so you'll be prepared in the future when I come to your house and ask you to describe a megapost. Creepy gestures aside, Let us kick off with some comics, since I know y'all love em.

 I thought this one was pretty epic, it's a shame move quick got nerfed. Here's another good one that is sadly invalid today.

 I've never personally seen League of Legends as a competitive game. Even in ranked matches, the amount of serious players loses by a tragic landslide to the casual and the plain bads. However, when two strong teams come together, it's remniscent somewhat to a clash of the titans (no relation to the shitty movie).

Anyway, I spent a little time watching some high elo ranked games and chose a shining few to present for your viewing pleasure today. If you don't like said video in terms of skill and/or editing, I strongly encourage you create some time to contact them through their youtube account and annoy the crap out of them.

HotshotGG as Nidalee   

aAa vs MyRevenge

Solomid vs Counter Stop Gaming

All of the above demonstrate high elo play, and the skill involved seems attainable, even to me. The barrier that divides the professional from the average doesn't seem such an intimidating leap. A good phrase to quote now might be 'It's easier said than done'. However, I still believe the best players on the other MOBA games (DotA and HoN), display a superior level of skill that leaves people thinking 'Damn, I wouldn't wanna lane against that guy'.

If I were asked to provide some logic behind why HoN and DotA players develop a higher skill cap in general, I would attribute it to several things:
- Denying. Killing your own creeps sounds strange at first, but when you have to deny the whole creep wave AND get all the last hits, it forces the player to maintain a harder laning rotation.
- Slower game progress. In HoN and DotA, the laning phase usually continues for a longer time, giving you more time to make mistakes, grind gold, and make your enemies miserable.
- Unforgiving environment. Anyone who has played a MOBA game has to deal with the learning curve, but you can't get kicked and banlisted for being bad on League of Legends.

This video is a tournament match in Heroes of Newerth, take a look if you're interested.

Anyway, I haven't had the chance to mention the Tribunal is finally out, yay. Now we all have to hope our rage games don't appear for vote. I know I have plenty of matches that would result in my ban if the light of the tribunal ever revealed them.

Despite the poor IP rewards, voting on the tribunal is pleasantly entertaining. There's something relaxing about reviewing someones incredibly retarded behaivour, and then maliciously slamming down the banhammer on them. There's a high guarantee that they'll always be banned, because nobody goes to the tribunal to protest for innocence.

If you have a lot of characters on your account, beware. If you show up on the radar, chances are you'll be shot down by the very people who deserve to be banned in your place.

I'd be amazed if you actually read this far of your own volition. Therefore I thought this would be the perfect interval for these:

Recently I have sunk into a rut while playing matches. Nine games out of ten I'll pick Vayne, merely because she's so easy to play, and yet so devastating late game. It's not even boasting to say I don't remember ever getting a bad score on her, you gotta be on heroin to fail at Vayne.

She can't always win games, she can be killed easily and shut down; there is no disputing that. But if you don't play like an idiot, it's always easy to avoid death and be sitting on a few kill by mid game.

I'm looking forward to some comics about her, I doubt I am the only one who gets pissed off when she's all roly poly poky poky with her stupid passive.

This is undoubtedly the longest post I've made so far on this blog, and I am impressed with it. The only thing missing is clips of my gameplay. I have promised my own footage, and I shall deliver. Sadly, I am adjusting to a new mouse, and it's still giving me a little trouble. I'm also at a loss as to which video editing software to use. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be grateful. It's not acceptable to come back with raw unedited material, nobody wants to see that kind of eyesore. At the very least, I need to trim off all the boring bits.

Although this is a little over affectionate from me, I'd like to say thank you for taking the time to read this post, or even skimming through it. I appreciate every person that took the time to come here, and I hope to see you again!


  1. Some great stuff here man, me and a buddy are starting a LoL and other games Youtube channel, check it out if you're interested, and keep up the good blogging.


  2. was fun reading, some things were reallt awesome !

  3. Great LoL post makes me want to download and play again.

  4. this game rocks, we should play together man!

  5. Really interested in trying this now...

  6. Great post, some guys of me want that I play with them LoL. do you have any suggestions for a class? Never played it...| Will follow you

  7. great blog man, nice content

  8. Nice man!I love LOL. I play as Vayne or twitch. Twitch is so underpowered now though.

  9. nice vids, thought those were yours for a sec

  10. Megapost... I like it! Good vids too.

  11. L.O.L never intrigued me but everyone seems to play it on here :(

  12. Many of my friends play League of Legends, you make it seem fun

  13. never played the game, I like the comics
    post more comics

  14. This looks very cool. Thank you for sharing this!

    Great write-up as always :)

  15. Nice stuff something for everyone method I suppose? ;P hey if you like random stuff check out my place at http://twitter.com/#!/howtorandom

  16. wow this is awesome thanks for showing me this

  17. is league of legends really worth being played? ;)

  18. Great to see another lol blogger :)

  19. This is a great game. Comics are hilarious.

  20. This game's great and its completely free! Great comics too.

  21. heya! ii enjoy your blog! plan on following you :) ^^ you might be interested in reading my LoL blog i currently erected~ its verbal pwns of LoL players..pretty interesting stuffs! you'd love it if u have a sense of humor ^^ let me know what you think if you have the time..im completely noob @ blogging XD!
    peace & hair grease!

  22. I love this game! :b Good Stuff! +followed


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