5 Jul 2011

Guide to warding properly

One of the most lethal yet subtle tools at your disposal on League of Legends is wards. Say you buy 3 for 225g, and place them correctly. You spot an enemy coming in to gank, and avoid dying. The warding has already more than paid for itself. Even though they have a fairly short duration, they can give you easy ganks. It's not uncommon to see teams grab aces because of a single ward at the Baron. This is a short guide on how to use your little buddies efficiently.

Here is a comprehensive image with warding locations I found in the backwater pages of google. You may have to save the image to see it properly. :

If you want a simpler image, use this one instead:

You will see all the best warding spots on these pictures, learn them if you want to play ranked. upon first leaving base in a game it's best to place a couple of wards around your lane or their jungle if they have a jungler. If you want to watch the dragon, start by putting a ward down 5 minutes into the game. Ward Baron at 25 minutes in, and keep one there because it's practically an ace on a plate if the enemy team tries it.

Remember, wards are pretty much ALWAYS useful. All they have to do is save you or get you one gank, and you've saved enough money for 4 more wards. If you are a carry or don't have money to spare, ask a teammate to buy some. If you ever remember a game where the enemy team was just everywhere, ganking your allies left and right; they were using wards.

If you are searching for other guides, you can find them here.

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