27 Jul 2011

Wukong the Monkey King and League playerbase increase

I'd like to address a couple of things in this post: Wukong first, and then the recent press release of the growing LoL playerbase and population.

Wukong spotlight:

Several hours after his release, the forums are already raging with underpowered, overpowered, and balanced threads on this guy. What is your opinion so far?

Just so you're aware, Riot use the first two weeks upon introducing a Champion to see how well it fits into the game. After said couple of weeks, they make changes if they think it's necessary, and then put the character up as free to play for everyone. So don't get mad if they make some mistakes, it's not like the Riot dev team can perfect a character in the short time they spend coming up with the idea. World of Warcraft can't even balance 10 classes, so how is a company on a smaller budget supposed to do better?

On another note, Riot games have also announced the population has increased to 15 million registered users. I'm not going to say anything about the authenticity of the report, lets just believe it unless someone proves them wrong.

Of those 15 mil players, an incredible 1.4 million log in and play games in a day, and 4 million in a month. Suck on that, dwindling HoN population. This new information is very reassuring to those people who are game producer patriots (like me).

With a growing population and more money flowing, lets hope Riot put it to good use instead of screwing around all the time. I still want to know what happened with Magma chamber though, anyone else remember that promise?

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