11 Jul 2011

About server downtimes and Riot patching

So as of late, the EU servers have been down for almost a fortnight, and the US servers delayed patch downtime was extremely frustrating to those left waiting for it to come back up. Even when the servers came back up the next day, Leona and Yorick, the two most likely to be played characters were not available for play. This has been the worst patch in a long time, and yet I don't see any IP boost on any of my accounts, nor do I see any apology other than "sorry for the delay" scrawled hastily at the bottom of Average Gatsley's post on the LoL forums.

Although Riot were bought recently by Tencent for a whopping $300 million, it certainly hasn't changed much at headquarters. They managed to put up the thread on the forums yesterday explaining how they were working on the problem: 3 hours too late. As with most people I am not really as upset about not being able to play as I am annoyed at Riots terrible customer service.

During patch day the League of Legends official forums are packed to the point of crashing, which leaves me wondering why the Devs don't just post a bulletin visible to everyone visiting the site. This would not only cut down the amount of people bottle necking the servers and the website, but also calm down the angry mob that plagues the forums.

It's a shame to see a great game compromised by something as straightforward as customer service. It won't stop me playing, but it will make me sadface =(

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