13 Jul 2011

Awesome custom skins

Some people don't like to pay money for skins from Riot, and use custom skins to change the look of their champions for their own client only. This is a list of some of the best skins in terms of quality and design. Please note that I didn't make any of them, just use them every now and again.

For those of you interested, I custom skin a lot of my characters, because I couldn't care less how the others in the game see my character. Giggety. Right now you may have some trouble getting the models to work, but that's Riots fault. Read about it here.

If you're looking to change your characters around a little bit to make the game more interesting, then try downloading a couple of these wonderful skins, they are perfect to spice up your League of Legends play!

Tryndamere - Cloud Strife

I'll start with a skin for all you Final Fantasy fanboys, since it's just plain awesome and actually surprisingly well designed. I bet there's gonna be a few secret Cloud worshippers downloading this one on the sly. I remember some scrub spamming the forums for this skin a while back, guess someone delivered.

Link: Download Tryndamere - Cloud skin

Crestfall Raven Vayne

The eyeliner is a bit overboard, it's like a girl Dante -.-
This Raven skin seems somewhat like a recolour until you look in detail. It's very pretty and if you play Vayne you should definitely consider this one. There are a few custom Crestfall skin styles, but this one is the nicest I've seen. And yeah, if you aren't into that whole goth/emo thing then I guess it ain't for you.

Link: Download Crestfall Raven Vayne

Samurai Akali
Just wow, someone has been playing Shogun 2 too much.
I was pleasantly surprised to find this Samurai Akali custom skin in the rankings, from the picture you can see how much she has been changed from the original model. It looks very pretty in game, with new spell particles, textures, and animations. Vampyroteuthis has put the effort into this design and it's really shown. Compare this to any Riot Akali recolour, and now you realise custom skins are better!

Link: Download Samurai Akali

Teen Annie

This encourages nothing but paedophilia. Seriously.
I found this skin and although I depise Annie's facemelt at the moment, this skin is too anime for me to pass up. For those of you wanting you little girl and her tibbers to be a little older (you sick bastard), this skin is perfect for you.

Link: Download Teen Annie

Spell Thief Lux (recolour)

Spell... Thief? Makes sense.
Thought I'd give this little ditty a mention, since I used it for a while and I prefer it to Lux's other skins. They seemed to have gotten rid of the Demacian wench stench too. There are a couple of inconsistencies on the skin, but nothing you'll really take note of while playing.

Link: Download Spell Thief Lux recolour

I hope you like these skins, if you do there I will be posting more soon. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, feel free to comment if you want me to mention a certain skin!

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