14 Jul 2011

Five of the best ultimates

When I find myself playing a LoL game every so often I will illogically shout 'WTF OP' to my friends on skype when encountered with a problematic enemy Champion in the lane. While I don't really believe said Character is actually overpowered, frustration gets the best of me.

This very same frustration could affect you. For example lets say you decide to solo lane as Mordekaiser, usually pretty easy right? But upon stepping into the lane at level one you find Xin Zhao and Pantheon who melt your face before you can take a single step towards the tower. In that moment of frustrated summoner spell mashing before you die, I'm pretty sure you thought 'WTF OP' yourself. Oh, and 'I'm a jackass' for not waiting at the tower in a solo lane.

Since the majority of Champions get their ultimate at level six, that gives them justification to be downright badass. Some champs like Kassadin and Tryndamere are built entirely around their ulti, and are pretty useless without it. You could be winning against them in the lane up until six, but when their superior ultimates come into play you can do nothing but say 'wtf op =('. Oh, and there's the dying part of course.

Everyone loves their ultimate in League of Legends (unless you're Udyr, whey), but which ones are the most formidable, the scariest? This list compiles what I believe are the best ultimates in the game, picked by pure awesomeness.

What I'm really judging each ult by is versatility, utility, and power. Please don't complain about the list unless you have a better suggestion in mind, one that I can take into consideration.

Honourable mentions:
Mordekaiser - Awesome for turning a 5v5 into a 4v6, turning the enemies best carry against them is just hilarious.
Swain - CAW CAW CAW lifesteal king, even though it got a serious nerf recently.
Nunu - Aoe slow that can one-shot squishies? How can you complain? Unless you're the squishy, that is.

Galio - Galio's ultimate is really good, and he'd be worthless without it. Sadly Amumu's ult outshines his in pretty much every way.

Kennen - Lots of damage, excellent for turning a team fight around. Also very good for making the otther team rage.
Shen - I wanted to put Shen's ult in the top five, but it only deserves the position if the player uses it effectively all game, which I almost never see.
Teemo - 10 minute wards that slow people. Self explanatory.
Zilean - Zil's ult is the perfect way to trick the enemy team into overextending for absolutely nothing; and then speeding away with your trollface on as your allies dissect them.
Blitzcrack - Aoe silence with a short cooldown yay!
Nocturne - No escape from this badboy, and scares the shit out of their entire team.

Top five ultimates in League of Legends:

5. Alistair 

Alistair's Unbreakable will is a great ultimate with many uses, all of which involve not dying. It's great for initiating and tower diving, and the general doing what you want going where you like thing. I have yet to see Alistair die with this badboy up, and I'll probably be gobsmacked the day I do.

4. Karthus

Requiem definitely deserves it's place on this list. Playing Karthus forces the enemy team to be wary from level six onwards. It's excellent for wearing the enemy team down or picking off low health players, and the occasional multikill. On top of that, it requires absolutely no skill to land, it's simply press R to win.

3. Fiddle

Crowstorm is just plain awesome. I would justify it here, but there's really no need you all know why it's epic so CAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCAW. It seems the ability power ratios and the damage has been decreased, so it's not quite as devastating as it used to be. However, in compensation it has a shorter channel time!

2. Amumu

Amumu arguably has the most lethal ultimate in game. Curse of the sad mummy is an aoe stun that lasts a couple of seconds, and the radius is easily large enough to grab most of the enemy team. By itself it doesn't do much, but with your team beating on them at the same time it's practically GG.

1. Twisted Fate

By revealing the entire enemy team on the map this ultimate is unbelievably useful. Using Destiny practically forces them to be on good behaviour. On top of that it allows you to teleport anywhere on the map, so you can beat on low health people while they run back to base. Late game it provides even more utility, you can scout out gankable targets for your entire team to jump.

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