1 Jul 2011

Underpowered Champions of 2011

In League of Legends, some smart people like to say there are no underpowered Champions, because any character played right can succeed. Of course, that's not entirely true. Some are better than others and have less counters.

This list is an ongoing reference for characters that are currently underpowered and generally sub-par. That doesn't mean you can't do well on those characters, only that it is harder to achieve good scores and win for the team.

Please note I will keep each description short, so I can adjust the ranks with ease if Riot fixes/breaks a character. If you think I should add or remove a Champion from the list, please comment and let me know. If you provide a good reason I will change it.

Underpowered Champions of 2011
Pretty much everyone knows Twitch is broken right now. He can carry a team with immense feed and farm, but up until that point you'd be just as well off having a feeder. I know all the bads out there have trouble with stealth, but seriously? Is this the state Twitch has to be in so retards can kill him? Try HoN or DotA, the stealth heroes in those games will melt your face off.

 Karma is an excellent character with some interesting spells, but she doesn't quite match up to other support Champions unless the team is built around her. As one of Riots best works, I hope they fix her soon. While she doesn't really need a rework, a few tweaks to increase her output and utility could make Karma an excellent ranked pick.

Kinda like batman eh?
 Ever since Galio got a severe nerf he almost completely dropped off the radar, Gragas and Garen style. Notice they all begin with G's? Wierd. Anyway, although Galio has recieved a few tiny buffs since he was broken, he still isn't quite good enough. With such a devastating ultimate, Riot probably thought he'd be better off unplayed until they get around to reworking him.

Everyone hates facing those bloody saplings in the lane. Maybe that's why Maokai isn't the greatest Champion. I remember anticipating his release and loving the spotlight, and at first I loved playing him. But eventually after getting pissed off countless times by his flaws, I just stopped playing him. He isn't really underpowered, but he is kinda weak.

I know this list is a little empty, so if you have any thoughts on UP characters please comment. I will update the post with your suggestion, thank you.

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