26 Feb 2011

News update

So what's been happening this week at Riot?

They have finally announced the release of Jarvan IV, the long awaited Exemplar of Demacia. Xin Zhao is this guys bodyguard, so surely he's going to be overpowered. Here is the only picture that has been released of Jarvan, a long time ago. This is the only interesting news Riot have posted this week, apart from the various skin price reductions and summoner showcase.

He is allegedly a dps character, hence the giant spear. However, to me he looks like he could easily be implemented as another skin for Xin Zhao. Riot are going to have to be careful with his skills, or he could just end up as Xin mark II.

So what else happened this week? The european servers were horribly broken for the better part of the week, with countless chat and ingame errors. It seems to have cleared up now though, so congratulations EU players, it's a shame you had so much downtime.

I saw some freedom fighters on the EU forums who decided since their forums and client weren't working properly, they thought they could fix the problem by spamming the US servers until they broke down. This was pretty damn funny, because I can't see a grain of logic behind that inspired plan.


The free champions of the week have inspired a lot of QQ on the forums throughout the week, namely about Irelia. I don't have any problem with her balance whatsoever, but since the casuals do; Irelia players buckle down for the incoming nerf.

Other than that, this week has been incredibly baaawring for LoL, maybe they've decided to keep some cards up their sleeve instead of drooling them all over the table which seems to be the usual plan.

I personally am working for a couple more interviews, so hopefully you'll get to see those in the next couple of days. Until then, have a good weekend folks, or what's left of it.


  1. Yep, these days European servers suck, last time I played I had to wait like 45 minutes...

  2. oh man i hate the wait but taking down the us server... ;)

  3. Does LoL like a Heroes of Newerth? Or LoL is better?

  4. let me spam the server to fix? meanwhile in poland

  5. i can see why they would do it, to try and direct riot's attention to their problem.

    Gzoga - the better one is just a matter of oppinion, LoL is free but i remember playing the HoN beta and i thought it was too focused on elite playing.

    For example minion denying is a key skill in HoN where LoL only has 1 champion who can kill the teams minions.

    I chose LoL because i wanted to play with less pressure. It has a nice learning curve.

  6. That is some great logic, break another server so yours gets fixed... it just doubles the work and time to fix.

  7. Sucks about the servers. Looking forward to your next interview.

  8. yeah taking out the US servers was pretty much just a temper tantrum in my opinion...

  9. Spamming the US servers til they crash sounds like a DDOS attack, which I'm pretty sure is illegal. >.>


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