13 Feb 2011

League of Legends interview #1

Hey everyone, today I have something special, opposed to the usual trash I post. This is the first in a series of interviews with some of the most influential and skilled League of Legends players to roam the earth. If you know any players thinking they are worthy of an interview, please comment or email me.

Here it is, presenting an interview with Caddy, a master moderator of the Solomid community, and a great player. Solomid.net features an active playerbase, and plenty of information about League of Legends; including tournaments. There is an interesting upcoming 1v1 tourney, so take a look sometime!

Me: So, how long have you been playing League of Legends?

Caddy: Around the time it came out of beta, I started playing after their first champion Nidalee was released. So close to an entire year.

Me: Wow, so you have more experience than most then. What do you think of the game in general? Is Riot taking it in the right direction?

Caddy: I love the game play, I have always been a fan of RTS and MMO's and this is the best of both worlds, working together as a group to complete a global goal. And I have been playing for a long time and have seen tournaments, I have hung out with the best of the best and even had long talks with people at Riot about what is wrong with champions and all those good things. And I do not think Riot is taking the right path with their game. They began at competitive play, then they started making the patches for the generic gamer, and then they started to over nerf champions and make them to weak - then too strong. They were going for competitive, which I was fine with, now they are going for just user friendly. But they cannot have both - which they are trying to do.

Me: I agree with entirely on this, just today they announced new competitive tournaments, after nerfing Vladmir, Rammus, and Anivia - All of which I believe were unjustified except for Anivia.
Anyways, moving on. A little more about yourself. A lot of people on the Solomid.net forums look up to you, do you mainly play with a clan? Or just friends?

Caddy: Mostly friends - I use to, and still do play with people I usually met while playing. Instead of going out and finding people, who I don't know are good; when I could friend them after I know they do well. I have tried to play with multiple clans, but they are just uninteresting, they think of themselves too highly. And now I am playing with people on Solomid.net. So that they can see what people at higher levels of play are doing to help them become more skilled at the game and have more fun!

Me: Are you not a fan of Hotshot and Elementz then? There are a lot of complaints about the idiots and trolls in this game, does this affect your gameplay too? What is your approach to the common in-game flamer?

Caddy: Hotshot and Elementz are good players and I respect them, and the work they do for the community. Though they may not realize it. Hotshot gets thousands of viewers a day while playing, inspiring people to play themselves and recently Elementz started up his own site for people to go and spend some spare time. And I also respect his Tier list, it gives you generality on where champions belong. But I think people take it too seriously and think if you are not a tier one champion you are 100% bad and should go double check Elementz tier list. Because I am a fan of Gangplank and I have never seen him high, but I know when put into my hands he becomes a very deadly champion - so you cannot always rely on general placements of heroes. And for the flamers, normally I just ignore them - more so as of lately I don't encounter them to much since I am always running 5 man premades. Otherwise I usually ignore them because if you egg them on it only becomes worse.

Me: That's an excellent piece of advice folks, you should try it sometime. So in the high skilled matches of the game, who would you consider to be the best LoL players; other than yourself of course!

Caddy: Well the ladder used to be pretty accurate, but as of recently it's just people climbing the ladder because large amounts of wins and you get more + Rating when you win than when you lose. But the greats that I look up to and are still around are; Reginald, Bigfatjiji, Chauster, Dan Dihn, ManyReason, Laoching, grandjudge, ScarletDoom, and Lilac. Of course, they all have something I don't! And that for now will have to remain a secret.

Me: Awww, well at a guess I'd say their secret was hacks. So recently, Riot have been bought by one of the most influential internet companies in the world, Tencent. For an astounding $400 million! Would you say this is a good thing?

Caddy: Well sadly I never had heard of them up until now. I guess it's a good thing Riot will actually make some money outside of small sponsors their store and their merchandise, and now they can take the time to give us better things like servers, and a non crashing client and a non lagging browser!
But I do not like the fact they already sold their game - I mean they could of waited it out and rolled the dice, and hoped their company got bigger and sold it for even more, because this game is FREE! So making 400mil. Isn’t bad at all, so glad for them, but I hope they don't let it ruin their game, or they give up because they made big money. I just hope they flip the money the right way!

Me: I'm surprised it was worth $400 million as it stands, they must be making a killing off merchandise and skins. There are rumors that Riot will use their new money to create a new game, probably an MMORPG. What do you think about this? Do you think it could be true?

Caddy: It will more or likely be true, you always want to keep on pace, and release new games to keep people happy and earn money. Especially after a large company picks them up - they just want to make money. Nonetheless what they do with it is fine with me. I enjoy this game and I am not going anywhere for a while. Though I hope it doesn't take of too much of what they are currently doing to ruin what I am already enjoying! But if they do release something I would be more than glad to try it out and see what they have store; I can only imagine tons of hot girls with big cans!

Me: Haha, lets hope so. They are gonna have to be pretty big cans to take on Blizzard in their own dominion. Okay, instead of keeping you all night here's one last question: If you had to share a house with ANY champion in game, who would you choose and why?

Caddy: Well.. I think my girlfriend would be upset if I picked one of the girl champions. So my first choice would be Shaco no doubt. Though he would most likely spend his time trying to kill me I think it would be more than entertaining. I feel like I share of some of what he is. He is the enigma of the shadows and that is something I have always been enthralled with - I spent one summer back in high school writing a 130 page short story about a boy who just lives in the shadows, and doesn't know what is going on with his life and is something he does not understand. Nonetheless, though the lore is short and a bit sketchy I really enjoy what Shaco is about, I would love to hold a conversation with someone so detached with reality they find humor in everything. I always enjoy a good laugh and find humor in everything, and I could only imagine with a psychotic killer clown in my house to crack a few jokes with, there would be non stop humor!

Me: Wonderful choice. I think Shaco spent too much time on 4chan, that would explain his attitude. Caddy, thank you very much for giving me your time and such detailed answers. Is there anything final you'd like to say to the audience out there?

Caddy: Yes! I'd like to thank you for choosing me for a candidate for your internet blog. I would also encourage people to stop by Solomid.net sign up and check out our streams, and feel free to add me in game or message me on Skype if you ever need anything. I also want to give a shout out to my boys - PyronicEX, icsmurfs, and Quiet for carrying my heavy head sometimes for free wins!

So there you have it everyone, I hope you enjoyed reading and come back for the next interview.

If you are interested in signing up for the 1v1 tournament, here is the link: Click me


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