20 Feb 2013

Ahri is a fantastic mid, have some tips and tricks!

If you don't know who you're up against, or you just plain can't decide who to play in mid- play Ahri. She's my favorite champion for mid as of late. With a slow start to level 6, she scales very well into mid and late game. She can trade reasonably well in the lane, and with a little ability power she can farm with ease using the orb. Ahri's charm also gives her a potent hard CC which is useful for every situation. Her ultimate gives her excellent chasing and escaping abilities, giving her a burst of mobility over almost every champion.

I wish I waited to buy the Foxfire skin.

Ahri is a useful addition to any team. She puts out extreme damage in team fights, while retaining the ability to 1v1 and 2v1 in many situations. She can perform as an assassin and a mage. Landing a taunt at the right time will win your team a fight, and with such high mobility you can always access the highest threats.

My favorite part is not many people know how to successfully counter our foxy lady. People have a common misconception that Ryze beats Ahri in the lane. He doesn't. Kassadin and Diana are the hardest counters, but they can't shut you down if you play smart. So when in doubt, play Ahri!

I thought I'd provide a few tips and tricks for people trying to learn Ahri, since I've played her a lot and learnt a few simple things on the way.

I usually do very well in ranked on Ahri.

Ahri tips and tricks:
- Do not try to outright kill someone before level 6. You won't beat a competent player without help or your ultimate. You can trade fairly well against most champions however, so don't be afraid to fight back.

- Landing your charm is the key part to succeeding on Ahri. One charm means you can fire off the rest of your spells without missing. Most opponents will stay out of range, so if you're sure it's going to be 1v1 you can use your ultimate to quickly get in range and hit a surprise charm.

- Each Foxfire has an individual targeting mechanism. Therefore it's ideal to be away from minions before casting it to gain maximum burst. I usually use it as I roll forwards with my ultimate.

- Never go rambo with your ultimate. Just because you can move faster than any opponent doesn't mean they can't hit you with crowd control. Only charge straight in if you're sure you can get a quick kill. Remember to keep one charge or a flash to roll away afterwards.

- In a teamfight don't use your ultimate straight away. Continue to land your orb and standard spells until you actually need to ulti away or you have an opportunity to take down an important target. I always try to retain one charge because it saves me every game. Don't think of your ultimate as a damage ability. Think of it as a repositioning tool.

- Ahri with a Rylai's is amazing at kiting. If you can retain a high distance from people chasing you, you can keep firing your abilities at them until they die. Chasing a good Ahri can be as stupid as chasing Singed.

- Your orb deals true damage on the return path. Despite this, you will still have trouble taking down enemies with a lot of health. Focus on killing the ADC and squishies. 

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