8 Feb 2013

Silver division feels like the new elo hell.

Silver division for the new elo hell!

So I've been dipping in and out of elo hell ever since I started playing ranked last year. Instead of arguing whether elo hell exists or not, let's just say it does for the moment. Anyway, I initially stopped playing ranked because most of the time, I was being placed with players worse than the ones I'd get in normal games.

The common response for people complaining about elo hell is to 'carry harder'. Not all games are winnable, but if you are skilled enough- you can carry your team to victory in enough games to get out. Which is true, to some degree. But what about the players who deserve to be in high gold, or low platinum? They are better than the average chumps, but they aren't quite good enough to carry themselves out of a low elo slump. They are just unlucky.

Yeah, I'm bad huh.

Now I'm not complaining at all. I get angry at some games, I never rage at my team though. I keep it to myself. I like playing down here, it forces me to try hard and perfect new champions to counter people. If I don't win the game alone, then we lose. This image proves it. The only games I've won today are the ones that I snowballed my lane hard- and then stomped other lanes too.

I just wonder how many other people out there are stuck at low silver like me. Well, I'm not exactly stuck- I can choose to play my best champions repeatedly and I'll climb back up. But it really does feel like the new elo hell. At least one in five games somebody disconnects or leaves. And every game has a troll, it seems I get them on my team more often than not. I would make a pun about Riot hating me, but everyone hates me.

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