5 Feb 2013

Silver promotion!

After a series of victories I managed to up my Silver rank from 4 to 3. It's not much, but it's a start. Getting to 100 points for your qualifying matches can be troublesome at first, but I can't imagine it being as frustrating as losing your qualifiers and being reset to 0 again (which hasn't happened to me yet).

Jax's Vigilantes for the win!

There is a huge amount of disappointment on the forums with the new ranked system. People don't want to fight their way up divisions, they want elo to be visible again. However, the majority of the issues seem to be the same as they were before the new League Points were brought out. Trolls and feeders ruin somebodies game, and apparently it's the new systems fault.

I like the new system, I'm just a little upset you can drop down a division if you lose several times at 0 points. Sure, it's not happened to me yet but I bet it could happen if I get a bad enough teams repeatedly. What does everyone else think about it? You might as well leave a comment here, because Riot are ignoring the complaints on the forums.

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