2 Aug 2011

HoN going free to play

So S2 games have recently announced they are making Heroes of Newerth free to play. My first musing on this was the fact that all the people who have paid for HoN previously have now been royally screwed over. Unlucky guys. Anyone with a brain can see that this change is because of the success of League of Legends.

Plenty of games have recently taken up the f2p chalice, including popular Team Fortress 2. Hopefully this will pave the way to a new era of gaming; where the high production value games are fun and free.

Anyway, I played Heroes of Newerth back in beta and quit when it went pay to play. It was a good game, but far less casual and more elitist than LoL, which is another contributing factor to its lack of audience. However, I think the main reason this game is losing the battle against it's rival is simply because LoL started out as free to play, which is a major incentive towards playing a game.

What surprises me is the incredible amount of new MOBA games that have recently been put into production. Sure the market is rife with players, but they are all taken by the three titans already out - LoL, DotA, and HoN.

As a conclusion I would like to point out that although HoN developers may seem desperate, they do have something special. It's just not as good as League of Legends for several reasons, the playerbase being the most prominent.

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