16 Aug 2011

Riot more than contends with DotA 2 by upping the stakes

So everyone was a little flabbergasted by Valve when they announced DotA 2 would be hosting a one million dollar tournament during beta. We all heard a lot of propaganda that said LoL would be killed by the newest moba on the scene. We all also know that the $1 million is merely a means to challenge Riot and their throne on the freemium market (free to play).

So when Riot announced their ridiculous prize pool of $5 million for season 2, anyone with a brain can figure out it's a direct tit for tat exchange between the two companies. In other words, it's heating up folks!

The only thing that could satisfy me more than this battle between Multiplayer online battle arenas would be watching Phreak and Icefrog beating eachother down IRL in the mud. I'd pay to watch that shit.

Anyway, please bear in mind while the season 2 prize pool is 5 mil, that means for the duration of the entire season. Whereas Valve's prize of one million is spread over a single tournament. Which is what led me to believe this is just a "we're better than you" move.

To everyone who plays DotA or LoL, who do you think is going to win? And how much would you pay to see this entire contest put down and resolved with a man to man between Phreak and Icefrog?

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