13 Aug 2011

Byakuya's friendly guide to common etiquette on LoL

If someone linked or directed you to this post, it's for a reason. You need to learn some manners in League of Legends, you tosser. If you want to look at the nice images that accompany this guide, you don't deserve them so stop looking and read.

There is at least one troll in every game of League of Legends, that is a fact. If you try to dispute that, then clearly you are said troll and should either read the guide or get the fuck off this blog. Anyway, most of the time a troll/argumentative douchebag wants to win the game, but doesn't have the means to achieve the victory - which is where flaming the rest of the team comes in, because we all know that helps.

So this short tutorial here is going to teach you how to stop being a such an idiot. Arguing with your team in a match is obviously only going to demotivate your team and ruin your chances. Hurr durr. So if you want to win, you should either shut your blasphemous mouth altogether or learn to diffuse volatile conversations. Here are a list of tips you should bear in mind when playing a game:

- In the picking phase don't pick and lock in straight away, otherwise most of your team will already hate you. It's a good idea to ask what everyone is going to play, and mention your own choice before you select it.

- Insulting or raging at anyone on your team is not polite. Nor will it do anything other than contribute to your loss. If you want to say something, give advice and suggest what the player should do next time instead of calling them a retard.

- If someone is being nasty to you, you can either take the moral high ground and ignore or be nice to them, or go roll in the dirt alongside them by arguing back. I have no issue with anyone who fights back if their team is picking on them, but bear in mind your towers will be pushed while you squabble away.

- If the enemy team if harassing you verbally, there's really no problem with trashtalking back. If you make them mad enough, they will be furiously typing on the keyboards while you casually do some "Go where you want, do what you like". Just don't use too many swearwords, and DON'T let it disrupt your laning/farming.

- You shouldn't always say GG at the end of a round. Only say it if you truly believe it was a contested match that both sides had a chance of winning. It's like an insult if you say good game to the team you just stomped because they had a leaver and a feeder.

- Caps lock is cruise control for cool, not etiquette. Leave it off.

- Stealing kills is stupid unless you're a carry or underfed. Try to avoid it, you won't be the first team to fall apart because of a KS.

Everything written here is very simple stuff. It doesn't take a genius to realise you are 1/5 of your team and that means you should pull your weight and not be a douche. I'm not saying trolling games is wrong, since I do it every now and again. But for those people who do it every game, take this guide to heart or just uninstall. Do everyone a favour, go on.

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