26 Jun 2011

A few minutes of Ezreal play and Summoner showcase

I have a some footage for you today. I got a few kills playing as Ezzer in the lane with an awesome Gragas. Also, Summoner showcase #34 is out, so I thought I'd cover that incase anyone likes to laugh at that kind of thing.

Since the game as Ez turned out really badly afterwards (we didn't play too well), I decided to cut the rest of the game from the video. Irelia and Olaf were both really bad, which is why we beat them down so much over a period of ten minutes.

Hopefully the quality of the clips are much better, I've been looking into a way to keep the filesize small and the graphics fairly nice. Seems like I may have found the best settings.

Summoner showcase is always quite amusing to watch, you gotta be boring as hell to take it seriously though. I want to know who came up with this crap, and I hope they don't get paid. Surely the funds could be put towards better customer service?

I also collected some League of Legends wallpapers for this post, I hope you find one worth saving.

Kayle is surprisingly underrated these days, she's still good though.

 This is the chinese version of Taric, far cooler than ours. Hard to say if more or less faggy.

 Some guy on the League forums made this one, pretty awesome huh. Katarina and Jax is a pro laning combo too.

 Hell yeah Udyr got buffed he's a monster now. Overpowered, try him.

Very... Purple. Morgana for the win, gotta love the stun.

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