27 Jan 2013

Riot games are getting better by the day

After the brief server complications today I thought to myself; when was the last time Riot really fucked up? I honestly can't remember when they last took the servers down for more than a few hours. Yet a year or so ago it was common for the servers to be crippled for a day or more. Sometimes new champions would be so imbalanced on release I'd stop playing until they were fixed. In short, Riot has overcome no small amount of hurdles to reach the level they are at today.

As a League player since shortly after beta when some champions could get pentakills in their sleep, I have to say Riot games have really come a long way in a short time. It took Blizzard twice as long to get this awesome, and they still fuck up stuff on a regular basis. Although I do not appreciate everything Riot does, for example; Thresh has gotten to the stage where I hate playing against him.

Whilst I've always been quick to hate on Riot games, especially when it suits me- but I admire how much they've developed. I don't believe I've written an article yet about how much I truly love playing League of Legends, and how much time I've spent enjoying Riot's work. Thank you Riot, please continue your great job and don't fuck it up.

Please share a comment with us if you feel the same as me.

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