22 Jan 2013

Bad Santa Veigar

Katarina gets to say hello to some nice Christmas spirit!

Out of all the Christmas skins, Bad Santa Veigar is certainly my favorite hands down. The recall animation alone wins it the victory. I mean come on, jumping into a chimney is just genius. Good job Riot. It would be cool as fuck for him to ride around on a sleigh, but I said that about the skin where he's riding a gryphon too. Why doesn't he ride a gryphon Riot? Why?

Worship the chimney. WORSHIP IT.

The trees around the stun ring are very pretty too, this skin has given me the much needed kick to start playing Veigar again. With the new Deathfire Grasp, he's a terrifying champion too. When I play him in ranked I always get camped, because Veigar is such an easy kill early game. That, and nobody wants to fight against a fed one. In normal, it's like punching a 5 year old child in the face. It's easy, satisfying, but gets boring after a while.

I just can't get enough of dunking people as Santa.

Any Veigar players up in here? Post a comment, let my miniscule audience know how awesome he is! And stop laughing, he is evil.

I promise you Nautilus wasn't being cocky for long.

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