21 Jan 2013

Dark candy Fiddlesticks

Is that an ice ice baby? I meant pick.

 I've been incredibly busy over Christmas, but it didn't stop me from going a little crazy and buying over 10,000 Riot points. So naturally, I have all the Christmas skins- and a bunch of legacy ones to boot. I didn't get the new Nocturne skin, purely because it costs a stupid amount of RP to buy.

Yes, I did just dive.

So I thought my next few posts should feature a couple of images dedicated to the skins if you haven't seen them already. I'll start with dark candy Fiddlesticks- cause we all know Fiddle is awesome.

Riot have really stepped up their skins recently, in comparison to the old recolors they used to produce. Probably because it's their main source of money. Regardless, I like having skins on the champions I'm good at. Although it does give me extra pressure to play well- if you feed with a skin then you're bad mmkay!

This image was taken prior to me shoving my ice ice pick up her ass.

I like dark candy Fiddle, but I probably should of gotten the surprise party Fiddlesticks instead- just because it fits in with his skill set more. It's still nice, any skin with new textures appeals to me. Now that I think about it, I never even fucking play Fiddle. Ever. Money wasted? I think not.

Good day gentlemen, if you have or want this skin then post a comment on how much you hate me for having and not using it.

Did I ult for the purpose of this screenshot because I'm a noob? Or did Lux flash away? YOU DECIDE!

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