20 Jan 2013

Finally, a new matchmaking system!

So I've mentioned the issues with the matchmaking a bunch of times in prior posts, so I am here today to proudly let you know (if you didn't already); some smart adjustments have been made to the current process in finding you a game of LoL. You may have noticed an extra minute or two on your queue times. This is because the system now tries to put you against opponents with a similar amount of wins, as well as factoring in the usual stuff, like elo.

I am very happy with this change, although I don't think it should be applied to every game mode. Some players have already commented with their concerns on this; because playing 3v3 or dominion queues can already take some time. However, the change is welcomed by me and most of the people I play with. We all have over 1000 wins, and some of us are nearing 3000. Therefore it's rather dull to be matched against people with less than 500. It's not pleasant for the other team, and it deteriorates our skill levels to play against people who don't challenge us.

Here is the official post on the forums:

"In the latest game update, we rolled out a second beta test of a new matchmaking change that is live in all territories. This change will increase your average queue time by about 30 seconds, but we hope the benefits are worthwhile.

The matchmaker will now take into account the Number of Wins a player has in every matchmade queue (Normal SR, Normal TT, Ranked Solo/Duo, etc).

This means that for the first few minutes, the matchmaker will attempt to find teammates and opponents that have a relatively similar Number of Wins as you in addition to trying to find teammates and opponents that also have a similar skill rating. However, this does not mean it's impossible to get matched into a game with a large difference in Number of Wins--it's just more rare.

We need your help! Please give us feedback on the changes.

PS - RiotKiddington was the dev that did most of the work."
There are also numerous other red posts in the thread (found here), which reveal a little bit more about the fixes. Apparently, the matchmaking ideally will average out the wins between both teams the best it can. For example, if everyone on your team combined reaches a total of 3000 wins, the enemy team should have a similar total.

As Lyte said, they still appear to be beta testing with matchmaking. Hopefully we'll see some other nifty additions in the near future to balance matches. As a closing statement, I must say Riot are just getting better by the week. I still want some new champions though, it's been a while. Riot pls.

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