25 Jan 2013

7800 IP for a new champion

Doesn't he look like Hecarim a little bit?

So now if you want a champion on release- it's going to cost you 1500 more influence points. For the first week, purchasing a new character is now a ridiculous 7800 IP. I say ridiculous because it takes a hell of a long time to farm 6300- adding over a thousand onto that is just plain overkill. It's a good way to encourage people to buy RP, which I assume is why they changed it. The price drops back down to normal after a week, so patience is your friend here.

7800. Thanks, Riot.

Thresh is the debut champion to show this new change. He looks hella fun too. Everyone is playing him as support, but he sure doesn't look like a fucking support to me. Top or jungle would be my guess. But then again, last game I got hooked and dragged into the tower by him so I can't complain about it being a bad idea.

Anyway, Thresh is a damn good pick- he has insane damage output and armor, and with a little co-ordination his lantern is an incredibly useful tool. I'm not sure how he'll stand up in ranked though. I kinda want to play him, but I'm not paying for it.

What do you guys think of him? Leave a comment, I'd like to see how he's affected your games.

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