24 Jan 2013

Sleigh Belle Katarina

I wonder who she's beating down.

Well I must say Katarina looks very enticing in this skin. The blades don't look very lethal though! You wouldn't think of our lovely assassin to be filled with Christmas spirit, would you? Kat is very intimidating, even seeing her in such bright dress and blonde hair- she's still pretty scary. Her recall animation also sees her slicing up candy canes.

What's with all the new skins having custom recall animations?

Katarina has always been a favorite champion of mine. If the enemy team forgot to pack enough hard CC- you can really wreak havoc. After the rework she's got a really good farming kit too. Moreover, with the new Liandry's torment she's even more frightening.

I gave that Ashe a Death Lotus, bitches love Death Lotus.

Ingame the skin does look different- but I haven't had the chance to test it out much. I never get to play Kat anymore. I even had to go top to take these screenshots. 

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