23 Jan 2013

What is with all the complaining about Darius?

So I've seen a bunch of threads and people singing their hearts out about how Darius needs a rework or a nerf over the past few days. There's even a dedicated thread that the reds are avidly posting on with their opinions! My reaction is: what the fuck? Darius is not overpowered. If he were to get a rework it should make him more competitive- not less.

Did I steal my friends wraiths? I'm Darius.

Hell, I've already posted about this once already. I'm a little upset after months of Darius we're suddenly devolving back to this. Darius is a pubstomper. Instead of hitting you for a chunk of damage when you make a big mistake, he will probably kill you. Because he punishes people for being stupid and then snowballs them to death just like he did on release- he's suddenly not fair anymore. Right.

If you're against Darius at top, you don't even have to counterpick him. All you have to do is play safe, farm, and buy armor. If he overextends just a little bit, it's an easy gank for your jungler. If you rush an armor or health item, he can't even burst you down.

Did I just kill someone? Maybe I just couldn't find a good screenshot.

I'd even go so far as to say I like playing against Darius top on most champions. I do what every average player can do with relative ease. I don't feed him. He has little sustain lacks health in the laning phase. Sure, he can be trouble- but if you stay on the ball and concentrate you can always prevail. Starve him from kills and he won't become the wrecking machine we all fear.

For clarification I'm not saying Darius should stay the same. The wiser comments on these QQ threads are correct: Darius needs a little more universal counterplay. Something basic, like changing his bleed to physical damage. But in return, he also needs a very minor buff to mitigate the fact that stacking armor will be even more effective against him. That's what I would call reasonable.

Darius vs Tryndamere ends badly for the one who isn't Darius.

Darius can be very lethal in blind pick matches, but you're playing a game of numbers in that arena. Just because he is strong against most conventional tops that you see in a blind game doesn't mean you won't get countered out of your ass in ranked. Even if you last pick him, in ranked your opponent is just going to turtle his lane. Sometimes it's even possible to swap mid and top, because most mid champions can deal with Darius admirably. In fact, just this week I took Ahri top and told Riven to go mid- Darius got equal farm to me; except for the little bit where I killed him 3 times.

I'd like to call out anyone who thinks that our slam dunking champion is imbalanced. Go play 10 ranked matches in a row as Darius. Post your match history here. Prove me wrong. If you do, I will happily concede- I promise you. It will be embarrassing, but I'm very confident about this.

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