8 Nov 2012

League of Draven

I know it might be a little late for me to post this, but I had to considering I found the image today. League of Draven is another great meme inspired by LoL, and a personal favorite of mine. I have no idea where it came from, but every single time I get smashed by a brilliant Draven in the lane I am reminded of it.

Whoever made this, I salute you. You are a genius.
It's surprisingly rare to see a veteran Draven in the lane, I think the axe catching mechanic makes it difficult for a lot of players to get good at him. However, on the rare occasion I come across one- I'm usually not prepared to deal with his ridiculous damage output.

I guess this post should be considered a hype up to Draven, because I want to see more people using him. Hopefully not everyone can play him well enough to ruin my matches.

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