2 Nov 2012


Anyone like the new tips that have been implemented? All of my friends hate them, and go out of their way to make fun of them.

At the moment, they've stopped appearing at the beginning of the game, and can only be seen during the loading screen. Which is good, because I dislike the font anyway.

I'm sure Riot added these to the game purely to inspire a little friendly chatter between teams at the beginning of the game, and enlighten a few idiots at the same time. As of yet I haven't seen a tip I didn't already know; but it does seem to bring some conversation into play so I assume it's succeeding.

This new feature is a nice touch regardless, if you like them be sure to post! Anyway, everyone get some League on the go and remember to have fun! Yes, even if you're losing. Play some singed, flip some baddies, feel like a troll.

Love you guys!

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