2 Nov 2012

I feel Riot need to improve the matchmaking.

I'm sure the message in this post may be flawed, but I stand behind it just the same. I've done a little reading and Riot's matchmaking system is designed to keep you at a ratio of 1:1 in wins and losses. Obviously, an exemplary player will be able to retain more wins than losses. On paper, this process sounds very logical. In reality, I find the matchups you can get often turn out to be unfair for both sides.

Wondering whether I'll get a balanced game or not.

I find myself in more games where we either crush the enemy team, or they crush us. It's guaranteed that one team will always outplay the other; the main variable being the champions picked and how they work against each other. However, what I find myself incredibly frustrated with at the moment is the lack of LoL matches that are closely contested. To illuminate, I mean there are few games that are completely even on both sides. This is due to one team usually having distinctly worse players on one team, whilst the other has exemplary co-ordination and teamwork.

The problem is simple. Once you start to pull ahead in victories, in ranked or normal- the players you get matched with start to get considerably worse until you start losing again. You may notice this especially after a win streak. Suddenly, all the teams you get are either incompetent. Either that, or the enemy team is superior.

There are too many deciding factors that affect a LoL game to recite reliably. Player skill, champion selection, summoner spells, how well each player is feeling; to name a few. Anyway, despite this I still cannot commend the fact that once you win enough, the system tries to force some losses on you.

Sometimes the only way is to play with 4 of your friends.

I cannot provide any reliable solution to this issue, but I do believe Riot could implement a better matchmaking system. One that doesn't allow you to win and lose by mixing up the teams you play with, but one that tries to more frequently give you a fair shake. A system that tries to create equal teams every game. Ultimately, there's no way it could be entirely trustworthy; but it would mean you would get a fun and contested game more often.

My opinion is based on the fact that I would prefer a LoL match where it's close, instead of winning or losing by a landslide. Obviously since the nature of League of Legends is to snowball, unfair matches are always going to happen. I'm even impressed by how little snowball there is in comparison to all the other Moba games. However, my experience on other games is you get a better chance at having a fair shot at victory.

To everyone reading this post, please comment with your opinions and ideas on the matter, whether you believe my observations are accurate or not. I would like input on the matter myself, since I'm not really too sure if I have all the facts straight.

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