18 Oct 2012

I watched the World Tournament Final.

It's been a long season, and we do not have much time left. My friends and I watched the League of Legends World Championship Final together- staying up all night to watch the excellent show. We were accompanied by well over 200,000 fans who tuned in to watch it on stream.

I'd totally sell this badboy on ebay.

The end of the season 2 certainly didn't let any of us players down. Both tournament finalists, team Azubu Frost and Taipei Assassins- displayed exemplary skill and some brilliant plays in four games to decide the victor. Despite this outcome, the true victors of the tournament are Riot games. They made this arguably brilliant game; they've kept the servers up and running (for the most part), and hosted this high budget championship that should now be considered a sport.

League of Legends has certainly come a long way since they were at the bottom of the free to play totem pole. A year ago, you could play AP Ashe and win every game purely by outplaying everyone you came across. Now, unconventional builds are just an unwanted risk. Everyone who plays LoL has improved to the point that getting 20 kills every game isn't possible. Riddle me impressed, I never could of imagined that such a cult following would continue to learn, improve and play for this long.

Such an amazing crowd, so many people for an online game!

Ultimately, AF had a promising start by crushing the first match. However after that TPA kicked their game up a notch and just kept on winning. What confuses me is how Azubu Frost seemed to change their gamebreaking team fighting style after the first victory, which is what I believe caused them to lose the subsequent battles.

Regardless of the outcome I am inspired to tryhard and win more often because of the astonishing levels of teamwork and masterful displays of League of Legends finesse. Not only this, but the event in itself was just so big, so phenomenal, I can't help but want to prove to myself I can play that well.

The stage has three lanes, wow.

Most of the audience are satisfied with Taipei bringing the cup and $1million home, almost everyone seemed to be rooting for them and many chants were started in their honor. It's entirely possible that this favoritism was elected by the questionable cheating committed by Azubu to get to the final.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole event, Riot really threw out all the stops to make the tournament something to remember. I can't imagine how they'll top the performance in season 3. Fireworks and explosions are probably the only way!

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