11 Oct 2012

Pulsefire Ezreal screenshots

Even the recall is different.

With my earlier post on Pulsefire Ezreal, I thought I'd follow up with some screenshots of his animations. This skin is very well animated and I think you'll like them if you haven't seen them already.

Don't fuck with Annie.

All of these images were taken in one match, it was a good game but we still lost to a fed Skarner and feeding Tryndamere. I really enjoy playing with Pulsefire, but I might stop until they fix the last hitting issue.

Upgraded Pulsefire looks more like a cyborg.

I really want to see more skins with custom animations like this, it really inspires people to buy them more. Clearly we should all spam Riot forums demanding more stuff like this, it worked for Pool Party Ziggs.

The dance is clearly the best part of the skin.
The dance as seen above is the best part by far, and I even use it to face check bushes for me, despite it pissing people off and usually getting me killed (if you have Pulsefire try it, and see how they focus you all game because of it).

If you like the skin, leave a comment and tell us why!

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