10 Oct 2012

Pulsefire Ezreal

I've been playing a lot of Ezreal recently, one of my favorite champions. I've played him so many times I couldn't guess the total. The face time he's had at the season 2 tournament has demonstrated how truly powerful Ez can be and also managed to reestablish my motivation to play him.

A friend of mine bought me the Pulsefire skin upon release, due to it being half price. I love playing using it, although it feels a bit like boasting and puts me under pressure to do well every match. I do, for the most part.

The cannon seems a little bigger than ingame.

The morphing upon grabbing a new rank of your ultimate is really awesome, and I do hope Riot introduce a few more skins with the same amount of effort.

One issue I've noticed is once in a while a last hit appears not to go through only whilst using Pulsefire. This seems to be a minor issue but if people are truly missing a few last hits each game and precious gold, it is something that should be fixed immediately.

I feel kinda stupid having two skins for one champion.

I may or may not also own Frosted Ezreal as well. But I guess if I would have more than a single skin for a character, Ezreal would be my choice.

Anyone else share the love for our homo Ez? Or do you hate him and his stupid anime face?

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