6 Nov 2012

I really love Wukong.

My new crush, Wukong is a hilarious champion. You can put out a lot of damage, even as a tank. But the best part involves juking the entire enemy team with your invisibility. It's even better when you just press 's' to stand still and watch everyone run off searching for you. Yesterday, a fed Darius even used his ultimate on my clone. Won us a teamfight.

3 people at bot. Our jungler thinks ganking top is a higher priority, obviously.

I don't know about you folks out there, but I jump from champion to champion every game- fitting whichever role the team needs. So when I actually buy a new hero to play, it's frustrating when nobody lets me go to the right lane.

Infact, I just played a game as support Wu. No it's not very good at all, if you were wondering. What's even worse is the guy who went top fed the enemy top laner, who just happened to be Wukong. Having an enemy champ on 10-3 gank your lane 15 minutes into the game isn't pleasant. The worst part of all though, is knowing if I'd been sent to top lane, things would of turned out very differently.
Sona died, oh yes she did.

I still don't think I've played any character nearly as much as Talon. I must of racked up 200+ games on that guy pre-nerf. Won at least 150 of them, too. Now you have to take him mid as a counter, so I don't get to play him that often at all.

Do you guys have stints where you play the same champ repeatedly? Or do you just switch every game? I know people who stick to both, the more experienced players seem to prefer switching frequently, because they know all the characters too well.

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