11 Jul 2012

Garen cosplays

Cosplay for those of you who don't know is dressing up as a character from your favorite cartoon, anime or game. Some people go to extraordinary lengths to create a costume that is accurate and looks good. Cosplay can be very time consuming and very stressful, and you see some people make an impressive effort to become a realistic version of one of your favorite characters.

Why do people do these things you ask? I have no idea whatsoever, I suppose some people think spending 30 hours slaving over some stitching and then wearing it for 5 hours at a convention is considered fun.

Anyway, I've decided to start collecting a few cosplay images that I find on my travels on the magical internet keyboard. Yes, League of Legends has cosplayers if you didn't know already. A lot of them, too.

Oh internet, you so crazy.

I think we'll start with Garen. Garen is a nice champion to start with. I also never thought he would be a popular choice for masquerading around since his armor would be difficult to replicate. Although most people might consider cosplay a little wierd and geeky (I know I do), you have to give them credit for going the full distance on these costumes. There's more tryharding on some of the images below than I've ever tried in my life. Good work crazy cosplayers.

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