26 Aug 2012

That feel when a new champion tears your face off.

So after taking a short break from playing League of Legends, I return to Diana and Rengar. Such a nice way to welcome me back by stuffing two stupidly hard to deal with champions into the game. Riot are so wonderful, pumping out champions that are always above the bar to get you to splash out on some Riot points. At least they retain a semi-money-grubbing status instead of going full on EA games.
That feel.

Upon my first returning match of League, I pick Evelynn. As the loading screen appears, my friends decide to inform me that the opposing Diana and Rengar are going to eat me. Nothing I can do right? Blind pick, so I just have to suck it up and deal with it. I get dumped solo top against Rengar, with Diana ganking me every couple of minutes since level 2. Fun.

The worst part is not taking some time to research the new characters abilities before the match started. When you're up against somebody and you have no idea what kind of rape they will throw at you, sitting back and giving them some berth is the only logical option left. That, or play Yorick.
If you don't ward your own base, you're bad mkay.

Thank god they're giving Diana a nerf soon, her burst feels too high for someone with a fairly reliable shield ability. Getting hit by a fed Diana is more devastating than a fed Veigar or Leblanc, purely because you actually get to see Veigar and Leblanc actually land a couple of abilities on you before you die. With Diana, your screen goes grey and then the notification that she killed you appears.

As for Rengar, he's strong but looks quite balanced in the full scale of things. He has nice burst, a fair amount of utility and his clear speed looks pretty damn fast too. I haven't played against somebody who can use him properly yet though, so I shall reserve at least some judgement.

So what do you guys think about these two new champions? Balanced? Or stupid overpowered?

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