1 Jul 2012

League drawings, comics and images.

I found an excellent set of funny League pictures today, so I gladly post them here for your viewing pleasure. Leave a comment and tell me which one you found the most entertaining. I preferred the Maokai one myself.

If anyone recognizes this comic, you're a cool guy.

The last face is just wat.

Garen and Lux are actually a pretty good laning combo.

Seen it a hundred times, and now it makes me laugh when I see it.

Maokai and his stupid saplings are so gay.

Well.... okay then. I'm afraid of playing Taric again.

Pantheon should be my wife.

This comic is true, awesome, and hilarious.

This has happened to everyone at least once, and the facial expressions really sell the moment. God damn BR.

Soraka isn't allowed any kills. Obviously. I've genuinely laughed at this moment in a match.

Kinda reminds me of Orochimaru. Just more outrageous.

I get killed for this same reason every single time I play Teemo.

I don't even know why this one is funny. Ezreal is such a bitch.

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