26 Mar 2011

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Welcome back everyone, I hope you like the new layout. I didn't make any drastic changes because blogger isn't exactly known for doing exactly what you want it to, so frustration got the best of me when attempting to add some of my own HTML code into the blog.

I bet you guys are all sick of seeing Nocturne in the majority of your games this week, despite half of them being terribad noobs. His ultimate gets annoying when it gets casted over and over, and I've stopped playing squishy characters because he's always picking me as a target.

There's a lot to talk about with the changes this patch by Riot. However, I've also decided to cover several other things over the next week, such as:

Recent skins

The blind monk Lee Sin

Recent nerfs and buffs

Videos of the best players

Farming IP

Lane dominance and map control

Make sure you check back if you're interested in any of these topics.

As for me, I've been playing a lot of games recently, and have obtained an array of new characters because of it. Ranked matches have always seemed to be more tard ridden than normal games, which is why I stick to normal. With all the new matches, it's got to the point sometimes where I just pick a faceroll character because I'm feeling lazy. Don't you just love realising the enemies in the lane are feeders? You'll love it even more when playing someone like Teemo or Xin.

I'm going to start preparing my next article now, so check back on monday.


  1. Cool I play LOL all of the time. I will be watching this blog.

  2. cool, will check back monday

  3. Bottlenecking strats, por favor...

  4. Nice stuff. Will wait for Monday.

  5. iam looking forward to it! lol >>> hon

  6. Awesome!
    Looks like a nice blog, following
    Lee Sin = 90% chance april fools joke though

  7. nice too see how people who liked gunz once, also like LoL. following,

  8. I would really like to try this game out, looks cool!

  9. I really like the new blog layout!

  10. interesting blog cheers! x

  11. sweet layout and content


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