12 Mar 2011


Allegedly a new stealth hero finally joins the ranks of the League next week, Nocturne.

I'm one of those people who just loves playing characters with invisibility, or any escape ability for that matter. Here's an image of our shadowy champion, for those who haven't seen the awesome. The fact that he uses stealth has not been clarified.

Riot have released a little information on Nocturne, but not much so far.

Nocturne is an assassin type character who functions very differently than the traditional archetypes. Unlike a traditional stealth character such as Twitch who becomes personally invisible, or a character such as Nidalee who has special synergy with the brush, Nocturne’s ultimate ability afflicts the entire enemy team with a specialized debuff. This ultimate – dubbed Paranoia – removes the player’s shared vision with allied units, leaving them blind to anything beyond the sight range of their own champion. In this way, Nocturne is able to sow confusion amongst the enemy team, striking quickly and taking down enemy champions while their allies are blind to their need for assistance.

While this ulti is copied directly from HoN, and probably the DotA equivalent as well, I think it's an excellent addition to the ranks which can disrupt the enemy effectively. Most pub teams will split up and get wiped out during Paranoia, but I believe the good teams will quickly batten down the hatches and ride it out.

I'm a little excited about this guy, more excited than Jarvan anyway! I think a LOT of people are going to be buying him, mainly because of how he looks so awesome. Good one Riot!


  1. invisibility is always a cool feature

  2. Invis FTW. Im just starting a blog and im looking to get into the community. Im following you, check me out if you can.

  3. I would much rather play a stealth champion than a tank. There's more room for strategy and tactics I think...

  4. My roommate will be pumped for this.

  5. cool stuff thanks for sharing.

  6. Nice man, i can't wait to show my roomate this, we will be pumping all night long over it.

  7. what an ultimate he has!
    every time i have played against him he picks apart my team. but I'm not seeing him in every game which seems weird.

    it seems like good co-ordination is the best counter for him, maybe we will see less lone rangers and back dooring with nocturne looming over them.

  8. Wow that is a really cool ultimate.

  9. He looks like a total badass.


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