5 Apr 2013

League of Legends comics, again.

It's been a while since I posted some of these. LoL comics get better as time goes by. If you want to view some of the other comics I've posted over the years, check this out. Everyone loves League comics, including me. Enjoy!

Oh Teemo. That face.

I salute anyone who tried this.

Dear god, I want this champion. He needs a few nerfs though!

This is less common now, but honor whores are everywhere.

Every time. Every damn time.

Who honors people anyway?

Oh plagiarism, you so shameless.

So many people do this, it's the very reason I don't harass bad players.

I've won games with this very method. Play Singed. Laugh at other team. Win.

I hate it when people ignore the new pings, they are useful when your team isn't retarded.

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