1 Apr 2013

I''m having less fun on League lately

After progressing to gold and then finding out that winning four games and losing one sets me back down to zero points, I'm taking a break. I really enjoy League of Legends when I know I can slowly climb up the ranks, but I don't have the time to make it out of gold 5 if I'm only going to earn 5 LP for a win and lose 20 LP when I get a bad team or don't play well. It would take weeks of effort to move up through this.

At heart, I believe I can reach platinum. Everyone says that and gets ridiculed for it. I don't mind being laughed at, I watch streams; my own replays, read guides, and am always looking to up my game. I know I could reach that level but I just don't have the time especially when it isn't enjoyable to battle it through division 5 hell. With it being so hard to even make it up to my series, I've decided to take a break and play some other games. That way I can actually enjoy myself, and maybe get some perspective on improving my League play even more.

If you actually enjoy reading my content or feel the same, take a look at my RPG blog. I post updates more frequently there, and you might find a good game to play in the process! For all of you ranked players in the same position as me,  good luck climbing the rosters!

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