25 Jun 2012

So I just bought Brand.

When I play a new champion, I usually get a fairly modest score. Sometimes, I even end up feeding. Brand however, is a different story altogether.

My first few games on Brand.
So the games went rather well. I always thought Brand was stupid overpowered. Now I know.  I am quite proud of my recent kill ratio, which is why I present them to you.

What I enjoy about our fire throwing friend is how easy it is to land his spells. Whilst laning in mid your opponent really has to work to avoid your circle, allowing for you to last hit without any issues.

He's pretty viable in terms of ranked as well, bringing a lot of ability power to the table- with some area damage and a stun. But I feel Brand has his best moments early game. He can dominate his lane against a lot of champions and his ganking utility is unbelievable. Spam a couple of spells on the sidelane and toss in an ultimate and you've probably got a double kill on your hands.

I would suggest Brand as a new champion for anyone to buy, if you have the 6300 IP it requires. He's fairly noob friendly and a good player will absolutely devastate the enemy team. Boy, melting faces never gets old.

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