12 Jun 2012

Ezreal underpowered? What?

So recently I've seen a string of threads and people complaining Ezreal is weak on the forums. I'm a little shocked. Sure, baddies can't play him successfully- but doesn't that ring true for all the champions except Darius?

Rush the bush!
The only legitimate point I've seen made against Ezreal is he does end up being less forgiving than other carries. With a small margin for error and a ticking clock to get fed before mid game, the cons can sometimes outweigh the pros. 

He's a great champion. Although the newer AD range like Graves or Varus do seem to perform better than him generally, that doesn't negate the fact a good Ezreal is an asset to the team. If I play him in middle, the majority of mid characters that play against me die before level 6 or get denied a lot of exp. He's certainly viable in bottom lane with a support too- so I don't understand where this consensus has come from.

His recent buff is a little lackluster, but he didn't even need it anyway:
  • Essence Flux Mana cost reduced to 50/60/70/80/90 from 60/70/80/90/100
  • Trueshot Barrage Mana cost reduced to 100 from 150
Reduced mana costs are better than nothing eh? It's not possible to increase his damage early game, he hits hard enough as it is.

I prefer Ez mid.
AD Ezreal excels at performing high damage on a single target if you land a couple of skillshots. As AP he can spread that damage out a little more across multiple targets. My favorite part of him is he is often underestimated, and you can often take out squishier champions like Ashe before they can react.

His built in flash is his only escape, so positioning is absolutely vital. When used correctly however, he's a slippery little bastard to catch. It can also be doubled over as a damage tool early game, because it does a fair bit of damage.

You can assassinate targets in a teamfight.
Trueshot Barrage is brilliant for sniping kills, and very accurate and efficient once you've practiced it a little. Sometimes you aim for one person and end up killing two or three, the new champions can't do that can they?

All in all, Ezreal requires you to think a little more than just sitting on your fed AD champion farming last hits and auto attacking in teamfights. His damage more than makes up for the lack of CC or survivability- provided you have the right team to utilize him to his full efficiency.

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