21 May 2012

League of Legends comics, part #7

It sure has been quite some time since I got around to publishing some League comics, but as I journeyed through the interwebs on a hunt for the new additions; it was to my dismay that a pretty huge chunk of them were just bad.

I guess every feeder fancies themselves a comic virtuoso these days. Maybe all the best artists moved to DotA2. Well if that leaves behind more casuals for me to stomp- I'm okay with that.

However, I've still managed to collect a fair few entertaining ones for your viewing pleasure- enjoy.

Catapult Olaf is catapult.

Either this or their PC is made of compost.

I only picked this one because it looks like an epic trollface.

To be honest, she's better than a neckbeard. Somewhat.

The best past is the part where it's true.

I may or may not have done this more than once.

If you get a chance to kill your team mates on LoL like this, do it because you're awesome.


Seen it happen, Rammus always seems eager to suicide.

Stacking Bloodthirster is clearly awesome and you should encourage it.

Lies. Girls don't play League of Legends.

Giant teemo is no way near as awesome as giant Cho'gath with Surge.

TF comics always seem to have brilliant facial expressions.

This is what happens every time I see Yorick.

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