31 May 2012

Darius OP? Not really.

Upon observing a bunch of people in normal games getting crushed by Darius solo top, my immediate response was to dash onto the League forums to absorb some of the sweet sweet tears of upset players. As I suspected, there is a lot of QQ regarding Darius and his overpowered status.

It's no secret that the wonderful folks at Riot games release most of their champions as a little ahead of the curve for the first two weeks- undoubtedly so people will shell out their precious money to get in on the noob crushing before the nerf bat hits a home run. However, as many of the higher ELO players mentioned very kindly on the "DARIUS OP WTF" threads; Darius actually isn't that hard to deal with if you adjust your strategy accordingly.

You can't go toe to toe with a close range character like Darius and escape unscathed- which is what I see countless people doing foolishly. Nasus, Shyvana, even Garen and other standard solo top champions can't fight him without getting their faces torn off. But if you look at his ability list, then isn't that a little obvious?

So if you have an enemy Darius and your team appears to be lacking one; what is the solution? Yorick. Well, Yorick is basically the answer to every solo top. On the other hand, anyone who can kite him effectively can mete out his destruction in the lane. A good Ashe will run rings around him, until he eventually pushes too hard and your jungler can come in and shut him down.

Every champion is overpowered in a niche area, and Darius is essentially Garen on steroids in my opinion. But instead of crying about it, I think a lot of you League players need to get accustomed to innovation instead of complaining. It's my consensus that most of the people who made a QQ thread on the forums probably didn't even think about how to counter him.

Ultimately I hope everyone keeps up the QQ tears on the forums, because I love to read them they are brilliant. Oh League of Legends, you so funny. Let's hope the new champion Draven is broken to the point we lose a few keyboards eh?

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