Saturday, 1 June 2013

So ARAM is finally something you can queue for, Howling Abyss!

I've been playing ARAM's whenever I was sick of normal matches for at least a year now. After my short break from LoL I'm happy to come back and see that All Random All Middle is an actual game mode. Riot even gave it a little backstory and a name; Howling Abyss. It's a great way to blow off some steam, and can still be incredibly fun even if you lose.

Ooh doesn't it look pretty.

Having fun whilst losing is something that is hard to achieve in the MOBA genre, which is why Riot decided to cut out some of the harsher penalties that initially came from DotA. That's why ARAM is so refreshing. You don't have to obsess over team composition, which can frequently tear apart people in champion select. You can get a team that is too good to lose, or you can get crushed so hard you can't leave the tower for the entire game. Most of the time it's somewhere in the middle. Regardless, it's out of your hands so you don't have to rage or worry about it.

Despite this, all random can become frustrating if you spam it too much. When you get an awful team multiple times in a row, it's not fun at all. Riot were on the ball making ARAM a match that you can queue for. The Matchmaking takes mere seconds to pop, you never have to wait long.

I got Orianna today, which was lucky. She's lethal on ARAM.

ARAM has become so popular, some individuals have even started to create accounts purely to get the best champion pool to win matches. If you fill your selection with champions like Mundo, Nidalee, and Ziggs; you will always be able to pick up a bunch of kills before you die. I think making an entirely new account just to win ARAM is a little pathetic, but if you spend most of your time playing them then it's probably a good idea.

Now we have Dominion and Howling Abyss to play! So Where's Magma Chamber?


  1. Man I don't know how I feel about ARAM. I know people like it cause of the massive teamfights and stuff, but I just playing crystal scar and dominion way better. Maybe it's just me lol.

  2. A very good note on ARAM. never played it yet. but what actually is it - a state of game or a phase or a gaming zone ??

  3. Wow, didn't know that ARAM is rather new map...

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  7. I have been playing league of legends for a year or so and I think it was my greatest gaming experience in my hole live. I was super addicted at first and my friends stimulated me even more to play. I have tried every map when I unlocked it, but when I went in ARAM for the first time I hated it and I began to dislike it even with the Poro King event in the winter. Later on I began to get bored of summoners rift and LoL overall and dint play it for a long time. But like very player its very hard to simple quit this game, because of all the changes and the new champions and so on, and I played ARAM again and it was really fun to play this time. Because I have now 100 champions available and a lot of game knowledge I think it made it funnier and relaxing at the same time. I play ARAM now before I stop playing for the day.

    I really hope they bring the Magma Chamber back, i have never played it but what I have seen of it is enough to get me exited.


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