14 Mar 2013

Vi hints and tips

Vi is one of my favorite champions, even after the nerf she received. She's a very potent pick in many situations. I know it's an awful pun, but Vi is a very viable jungle at the moment. She can hold her own in top lane, but personally I think she is more suited to jungling. As a bruiser champion, she is able to initiate effectively and throw a veritable wrench in the opposing teams plans.

Vi can rape towers with her E.

Ultimately Vi is a rather easy champion to pick up. There is a degree of finesse to mastering her, which mostly lies around positioning your abilities correctly. After playing many ranked games with her and retaining a good ratio of wins and scores, I believe I can provide a guide with enough information to help other players master our punch happy friend. So take a look at this guide, it might help you improve on Vi. Bear in mind, I prefer to play her jungle so the advice will be centered around that.

Vi stands in dead Karthus and doesn't afraid of anything.

Vi: hints and tips
- When starting the game in the jungle, kill Wolves or Wraiths and proceed to take the nearest buff smiteless (you don't need a huge leash, just a reasonable one). Then head over to the other buff and smite it. You will end up at level 3 at the earliest possible stage which allows you to perform a potent gank with all of your abilities.
- Vi has a fantastic clear speed, even post nerf. Take every good gank opportunity, you should be able to keep up.
- When laning instead of jungling, you won't have a blue buff or a Spirit Stone. Therefore, manage your mana efficiently or purchase something like a Frozen Heart for more sustain.
- Lifesteal is good on Vi, but it's not always necessary. I prefer Blade of the Ruined King over Bloodthirster, but it's down to preference.
-  You can use your Vault Breaker to dash over a lot of the terrain walls. It's possible to make it over a lot of them without fully charging it. Practice getting over walls when you have the chance, it could save your life.
- Vi's passive may seem a little weak at first, but Blast Shield is actually incredibly useful. It allows you to win early trades, tank minion waves, and even return to a fight on low health and survive. Keep an eye on the cooldown, and use it to your advantage. With a few health items it scales well into late game.
- Vi is really slow, so plan accordingly. Try ganking lanes from the optimal angle at the right time. Sometimes it's a good idea to get sight wards so you can enter a lane without being noticed.
- Denting Blows (W) is a great steroid for taking down any target. Getting a little attack speed can compliment this.
- Excessive Force (E) has a huge area of effect. It can clear creep waves and camps with ease. It's also lethal for taking down champions. Try to position yourself well in a team fight because the splash damage can and will kill champions.
- Assault and Battery (R) is Vi's game changer. Using this ability correctly is vital. Most of the time you will want to use it to tunnel a dangerous threat in a team fight, such as the enemy carries. However, it can also be used defensively to peel for your team. Only experience will teach you how to use it best.
- Always remember that your excessive force should be hitting multiple targets. 
- When typically ganking a lane, you want to come in from behind your opponent. Either land a Q to knock your opponent back, or use it to close the distance for an ultimate. If you manage to successfully get on your enemy, it should guarantee a flash or a kill. Vi is amazing at ganking even without her ult, so don't be afraid to try before 6.
- Vi is not really a main tank. She can perform the role but she's more of an initiating bruiser. Bear this in mind in champion select, because she can't take the frontline alone.
- Manamune is actually a viable purchase on Vi if she's laning. I still prefer her in the jungle though.
- Don't underestimate Vi's knockback. I've turned many fights on low health with a good knockback followed with Blast Shield and Excessive Force.
- Remember your role in a team fight. Tunneling a single target won't always be the best thing to do. Always remember to peel when you can.
- Vi's E resets her auto attack, so press it just after hitting an enemy. It's also amazing for pushing towers. Don't be afraid to split push.

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