20 Feb 2012

My match history

I collected a few histories recently, even if their only purpose is to serve my epeen. Not really, I actually hope these can provide some credibility to my articles. I don't play ranked seriously because there aren't any teams that can put up with me. Therefore as of now, this is all I have. Meagre, isn't it.

As you can see, I like my Ezreal. Shyvana is my second most played character, I hope she never gets nerfed. Pretty much every enemy is an overpowered noob if he kills me (I think a few people have this attitude).

I've mastered quite a few champions, and have a solid working knowledge of them all. However, I prefer to play carries and get all the kills. Most likely because of my morbid fear of picking support and our carries end up sucking ass.

Anyway, I hope my match history cultivates the image that I'm not just some idiot churning out bad quality articles, but an idiot with a thousand wins of experience delivering mediocre content instead.

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